Dr. Madhuri Shimpi Mahajan
Department of Nuclear Medicine
MBBS, DRM, DNB Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT


Dr.Madhuri’s brings a rich experience of over 13 years. In past she worked with esteemed post graduate teaching and corporate organisations.

She has gained extensive experience in the speciality of  Nuclear Medicine with expertise across wide spectrum of various Nuclear Medicine services including PET-CT imaging, PET-CT guided applications in Oncology and benign conditions  like aortoarteritis , infections, fever of unknown origin, therapeutic radionuclide applications including thyroid disorders, neuroendocrine tumors, bone pain palliation, radiation synovectomy, radioembolisation procedures for hepatocellular cancer and liver metastasis.

She was a part of a team which started pre-therapy diagnostic somatostatin receptor scan imaging with isotope Lutetium at P.D.Hinduja national Hospital, and subsequently it was studied at various nuclear medicine centres across India. After training in the radiolabelled peptide receptor therapy at “Royal Liverpool University Hospital”, Liverpool, UK, in 2009, she was instrumental in setting up this cancer therapy in the private sector as a part of Hinduja Hospital activity.

She qualified the Radiation Safety Officer Examination in 2007, conducted by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Bhaba Atomic research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, India.

She has excellent knowledge in every aspect of low dose radioactive iodine treatment planning from pre-treatment assessment, making treatment management decisions, post treatment evaluation and further management.

She is well versed in handling the Isolation Ward Facility for High Dose Radio-active Iodine (131I) Therapy and other radio-nuclides for the patients of Thyroid Carcinoma, metastatic bone pain palliation, radiation synovectomy & various Neuro-Endocrine malignancies.

She has also worked on Yttrium theraspheres and SIR Spheres for Liver neoplasm.

She has in-depth knowledge of radiation precaution and radiation safety related to various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

She has tremendous experience in Sentinel node imaging and detection in breast and head & neck cancer patients.

She is actively involved in training Program of postgraduate courses conducted at various hospitals where she has worked.This includes delivering lectures, conducting seminars, joint clinics and appropriately teaching the students and guide them for their thesis/ dissertation. She has conducted various academic programs like CMEs, and journal clubs at regional level.


Area Of Interest

    ·        PET-CT imaging in Oncology (18-F FDG, 18-F Fluoride, Ga-68 PSMA, Ga-68 DOTA PET-CT scans)

    ·        PET-CT and Nuclear Neurology

    ·        PET-CT in Infections, PUO,  Aortoarteritis / Takayasu arteritis,

    ·        Nuclear Cardiology and FDG PET for Myocardial Viability

    ·        Radioactive iodine therapy (I-131 therapy) for hyperthyroidism

    ·        Radioembolisation therapy : SIRT / Theraspheres for hepatocellular cancer and liver metastasis from colorectal cancer

    ·        Bone pain palliation therapy and radiation synovectomy

    ·        Lu-177 peptide thera

Awards and Recognition

    Topper of PG entrance held for Nuclear Medicine faculty by Christian Medical College in year 2008 
    Topper of examination conducted by Bhabha Atomic Research centre in April 2005 for course of diploma in radiation medicine. 
    Topper of radiation safety officer examinations held in 2007.
    Distinction in Biochemistry.
    Chess winner for consecutive 4 years during MBBS

Research Publications

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