The new Haematology Oncology Day care unit has been designed on the lines for pure patient comfort, expedient treatment, personalised care and rapid transit.

  • Its a is spacious, user friendly with 6 beds equipped with a personal TV monitor and storage space for patient’s essential personal belongings.
  • It is isolated from the rest of the ward and is dedicated for only day care patients. However, the patient can stay overnight if the need arises.
  • We give a lot of value to patient safety and below are mentioned our unique features.
  • Patient can undergo Chemotherapy under Daycare facility.

       Services Includes: 

  • Blood and component transfusions, certain overnight advanced therapies, immunotherapy, intravenous immunoglobulin and iron infusions.
  • We also do our patient’s bone marrow aspiration and biopsy procedures & also lumbar punctures for diagnosis and for therapy.
  • We have a dedicated nurse for the preparation of chemotherapy in a specialised chemotherapy bay for staff and patient safety.