Bariatric Surgery

Obesity is a result of a modern lifestyle and is responsible for other medical conditions like Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea etc. Bariatric Surgery also known as Weight loss & Metabolic Diseases surgery helps one to lose weight & treat obesity related diseases. Lilavati Hospital consists of the finest clinicians who are expert in the field of Bariatric Surgery and are capable to handle any kind of procedure related to this; also the aim of the experts at Lilavati Hospital is to provide world class bariatric surgery, fighting the fat with cutting edge technology, while following standardized protocol.

  • Laparoscopic Gastric bypass Surgery: It is a procedure which causes weight loss by malabsorbtion.
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrrectomy: It is one of the most popular procedures amongst all surgical options for the Bariatric Surgery. The stomach size is reduced by about 85% using special staples. It limits amount of Oral intake and produces early satiety.
  • Laparoscopic Gastric Band: A Silicon Band is wrapped around the upper part of stomach, creating a small stomach pouch.
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