Department of Transfusion Medicine (Blood Center)
Lilavati Hospital & Research Center – Department of Transfusion Medicine (Blood Center)
Unlocking the Lifeline: Your Trusted Blood Transfusion Partner
At Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, we are on a mission to save lives and promote the well-
being of individuals through the power of blood donation. Our commitment to ensure a safe and
adequate supply of blood rests on the cornerstone of regular, voluntary blood donations.
Quality Assurance & Donor Satisfaction:
We take your health and well-being seriously. Every potential donor undergoes a meticulous
medical history check. We believe that safety begins with awareness, so our donors are educated
about the importance of testing for infectious diseases transmitted through blood transfusion. Each
blood unit is rigorously screened using the chemiluminescence technology for HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis
B, Hepatitis C, syphilis, and malarial parasites. As an added layer of safety, all our blood products
undergo Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT Tested products).
Precision Beyond Measure:
Our state-of-the-art laboratory performs comprehensive donor and patient blood group (BG), Rh
phenotype, antibody screening, Direct & Indirect Comb’s Test (DCT/ICT).
For complex cases, we offer services like resolving blood group discrepancies, Rh Kell typing,
extended blood group phenotype analysis, auto-antibody & allo-antibody titration, ABO antibody
titration, Rh (D) antibody titration, cold antibody titration, titre cross-matching, DTT cross-match
and plasma hemolysis analysis. For our neonatal, infant, and pediatric patients requiring small
volume transfusions, we provide aliquots prepared through sterile connecting devices maintaining a
closed system.
Going Above and Beyond:
- We ensure the availability of irradiated blood/products.
- Our team is trained to provide crucial transfusion support for patients facing massive bleeding.
- Autologous blood collection and therapeutic phlebotomy are part of our comprehensive services.
- We specialize in apheresis collections like plateletpheresis & plasmapheresis.
Licensed for Various Blood Products:
Our license covers Whole Blood (WB), Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC), Fresh Frozen Plasma
(FFP), Random Donor Platelets (RDP), Single Donor Platelets (SDP), Cryoprecipitate (CRYO),
Special WBC Products (SWPC) and Cryo-depleted Plasma (CDP).
Specialized Care:
We are well-equipped to support patients with Hematological Dyscrasias through facilities like red
cell exchange and phenotype match transfusion support.
Accreditation and Beyond:
Our commitment to excellence is evident through our NABH accreditation of blood center.
Volunteer Donor Movement:
We're passionate about motivating voluntary donors and building a community of heroes. We
actively participate in indoor and outdoor blood donation camp and adhere to a 100% component
policy. Our donation timing is 9am to 5pm on all working days.
Join us in our mission to save lives and make a difference. Together, we can ensure a safe and
adequate supply of blood for those who need it most. Your donation could be the gift of life.
For details contact: 91-22-68658000/68651000 Extensions 8214, 8215, 8216.