Cardiology & Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery

Our department of non-invasive Cardiology has state of the art tests available using the latest and best instruments. The department is located on 2nd floor and it works from 8.oo am to 8.00 pm. We have a large number of trained female technicians in the department for to add comfort for our female patients

Heart Failure Clinic
Services Offered

Below tests are routinely performed in the laboratory by trained doctors ECHO with Contrast

  • ECG
  • Stress Test
  • 2D ECHO
  • DSE with Contrast
  • TEE with Contrast
  • Exercise Stress Echo
Heart Failure Clinic

The cardiac surgical department is one of the best in the city. The department was the first in Mumbai to start and establish the technique of Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (OPCAB) and Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (MICAS). With a team strength of 11 CVTS surgeons, the department performs 600 surgeries per year. The department offers round the clock cardiac theatre facilities whereby emergency cardiac surgery can be carried out and angioplasty complications can be handled immediately. India’s leading cardiac surgeons are attached to this department.

Services Offered

Below tests are routinely performed in the laboratory by trained doctors ECHO with Contrast

  • Beating heart surgery – The hospital has been performing this surgery for more than 10 years.
  • On Pump surgery - Both coronary artery disease and open heart surgery.
  • Routine performance of complex cardiac surgeries.
  • Surgery for Aortic aneurysms both thoracic and abdominal
  • Valve Replacements
  • Correction of congenital cardiac anomalies
  • Pediatric Cardiac Surgery - Congenital intra-cardiac repair like atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect and closed heart operations like closure of PDA, emergency BT shunt, pulmonary artery banding. Also, Complex congenital intra-cardiac repairs are performed.
Technology and Infrastructure

We are now equipped with Medistim VeriQC, Intraoperative ultrasound imaging machine system which first of its kind in India. This imaging system is used in cardiac surgery to assess GRAFT flow/ perfusion in coronary bypass surgery. It enables the surgeon to locate intramyocardial coronaries which are not seen on surface of the heart. Cardiac surgeons can now assess the percentage of coronary block/ stenosis by epicardial doppler probe to decide about the graft ability of coronary vessel. Epiaortic ultrasound helps to avoid brain stroke from atherosclerotic plaques in ascending aorta and measurement of graft flow intraoperatively.

To enhance the quality of care for all patients with hypertension, Lilavati Hospital has taken an important step to standardize hypertension management. Our Hypertension Clinic has standardized blood pressure treatment and measurement protocols as well as a hypertension formulary for blood pressure medications and suppliesand has updated related performance indicators. By standardizing blood pressure measurement, Hypertension Clinic will prevent misdiagnosis,under-andover-treatment of hypertension and improve the accuracy of blood pressure measurements across the system. In addition, Hypertension Clinic will improve individual hypertension disease management and decrease morbidity and mortality due to hypertension.


Management of hypertension with compassion and quality care using gold standard techniques of 24 hours ambulatory BP monitor for appropriate diagnosis with treatment care of international standards with optimal control of BP not too much and not too little to prevent fluctuation in blood pressure so that your BP is smoothly controlled through the day & night. All our investigative packages for hypertension evaluation are well subsidized & tailored for every need of your care for hypertension to provide utmost benefit.

Hypertension being lifestyle disease one has to carefully alter the lifestyle physical activity, diet etc. with following key tips to exercise nondrug control of high BP.

Key Modifications Recommended Actions Approximate Systolic BP
Physical activity Get at least 2.5 hours of moderate activity (such a sub risk walk) a week. 4-9 mm Hg
“DASH Diet”( dietary approaches to stop hypertension) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products, who leg rains, fish, lean poultry and nuts— a diet low in saturated, trans and total fat. 8-14mm Hg
Reduce so diumin take to no more than 100 mmol/day(~2.4gso dumor 6g sodium chloride). 2-8 mm Hg
Maintain adequate dietary potassium : more than 90 mmol (3,500mg) a day. (use clinical judgment in supplementing potassium) 2-4 mm Hg
Weight reduction Maintain a healthy weight ; keep body mass index (BMI)< 25(for someone 5’10”, < 175 pounds ; for someone 5’4”,<146pounds). 5-20 mm Hgper 22 lbs weight loss
Alcohol Consumption Limittono more than : 2drinks/day for most men 1 drink / day for women and lighter weight persons. (one drink =12 ozbeer, 5 ozwine, or 1.5 ozspirits) 2-4 mm Hg

**Cessation of Smoking, a lifestyle change is of paramount importance for nondrug BP control.

Technology and Infrastructure

The Hypertension clinic is driven by the best minds that our country has to offer andaided below world class facilities.

Cardiac Cathlab:

We have 2 Cardiac Cath Lab providing the patients state-of-art technology for Coronary interventions, Primary Coronary Angioplasty, Structural Heart interventions and Intervention Radiology procedures with utmost safety standards. Procedures are performed by team of expert, skilled team of doctors available for 24 hours a day. Latest Cath lab equipment with IVUS, FFR facilities are backed by highly trained technical staff, nurses and excellent ICCU setup.

Complex Cardiac procedures for critically ill patients are routinely performed. One of the first cases of Trans catheter Aortic Valve Replacement was recently performed at Lilavati Hospital.

Electrophysiological procedures and pacemaker device implantation are performed regularly with utmost safety standards.

The clinic is also supported by below machines of international standards to investigate and treat simple and resistant hypertension cases.

  • Latest Echocardiography & Colour Doppler machines
  • 24 hour ambulatory BP monitoring
  • Holter machines
  • Thread mill machines
  • Advanced digital radiology machines for X-Ray, MRI,PET CT ,SPECT
  • Round the clock pathology services
  • Blood Bank
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