The diagnostics centre at Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre consists of several branches which includes Radiology & Pathology. The department strives to provide high quality & accurate tests at affordable prices. The department uses highly advanced equipments to ensure the best performance. The team in the department consists of experienced and well trained doctors and support staff.

The Department carries out all the tests in the sections of Hematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology Clinical Pathology, Serology Immunology and Microbiology. Blood Centre is also next to Pathology Department.

The Department is open all twenty-four hours all three hundred and sixty-five days of the year and all the tests are done as and when the need is for the patient on Outpatient basis or in patient basis

There are more than two thousand to two thousand five hundred tests done every day in the laboratory.

The test menu consists of more than nine hundred tests.

The samples on outpatient basis and in-patient basis are accepted round the clock by the Department and the processing of the test is done as per the request of the patient or the clinician.

The results of the routine in-patients’ investigations are displayed “on line” in the wards and the ICUs of the Hospital.

The turnaround time is faster than that of most other laboratories in the city.

The department has all modern state of art auto analyzers. All equipment is well maintained.

There are multiple quality checks and the Department goes through internal, external quality assurance programs and also does inter laboratory comparative assays to maintain the quality of reports issued to the patients.

Special tests are performed as per the laboratory schedule but on patient’s request or clinician’s request the service is provided under certain conditions.

Reports are dispatched on the same day for all routine tests and on scheduled days as per the protocols of special tests.

The Department has a team of four senior Doctors, two junior Doctors and four resident Doctors. There are all well qualified and trained technicians in the Department to man the Department round the clock.

The Department of Microbiology is recognized by the International Organization of Immigrants for doing all work on tuberculosis. The quality of the work is audited by personnel from CDC Atlanta.

The Department has continuous medical education for its staff.

For details contact: 022 69318000 extensions 8208, 8209, 8211, 8112.

List of Antibodies with Company and Clone Details

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The Department of Radiology and Imaging is one of the most technologically advanced Departments in the Lilavati Hospital, having state of the art, latest Medical Imaging Equipments managed by a team of Senior Radiology Consultants with more than 15 years of experience in Clinical Radiology. As a back up, the senior Consultants are ably supported by the team of Junior Consultants and Clinical Associates providing round the clock support in emergencies. The Department is situated on the ground floor of the Hospital and is well manned by a huge team of well experienced Radiology Technicians, nursing staff and front desk office assistants.

Facilities Available:

 Lilavati Hospital has several high end patient friendly Medical Imaging equipments such as

  • CT scan a High Frequency Digital Radiology and Fluoroscopy machine from Shimadzu, Japan, which is great purpose to ease the patient and has superior accurateness.
  • MRI- A second generation Dual Source 256 Slice CT MACHINE, The Definition Flash from Siemens, Germany, A, 3T digital broad band MRI machine from Philips Holland ,which is specially designed to reduce the anxiety and has lot more beneficial features for the needy patients.
  • Ultrasound- Several high End Ultrasound machines from Philips and GE, which are modern and latest in the field of imaging.
  • Mammography and BMD- machines as well as the latest PACS from MACH 7 Technologies, Singapore and USA are installed.

There is a dedicated Interventional Radiology team performing high end Neuro-intervention, vascular and non-vascular intervention as well on a dedicated Cath lab.

Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre has installed the Urodynamics system from LABORIE Canada, a leading manufacturer in the field. The hospital now offers a complete set of Urodynamic studies at the new setup. Urodynamic studies provide extremely valuable diagnostic data for any of the bladder dysfunctions.


Typical Urodynamic testing consists of below:

  • Uroflowmetry
  • Filling Cystometry
  • Pressure-flow study
  • Urethral pressure profiles (UPP)
  • Valsalva Leak Point Pressure (VLPP)
  • Electromyography (EMG)

    The department of Nuclear Medicine comprises of 3 sections namely Gamma Scans, PET scans and isotopes treatments. The department comprise of 2 well known consultants in the field of Nuclear Medicine along with qualified technicians and nurses.

    FOR APPOINTMENTS, contact our Nuclear Medicine department on +91-22-26568092


    The Gamma Section performs 40 different procedures pertaining to all disciplines of Medicine. The PET scan section performs 4 different types of procedures pertaining to Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology & Infectious diseases.

    The Isotopes Treatment section performs three different treatment procedures involving thyroid, tumor & bone Metastasis.

    The department consists of four Nuclear Medicine specialist, two consultants and two senior registrars and two technologists well qualified.

    Technology and Infrastructure
    • The department has a high resolution 16 slice PET-CT scanner which is state of the art.
    • The Gamma Scanner produces high Quality Cardiac bone brain images and is also capable of fusing with CT procedures SPECT-CT fusion images.
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    Neurological Tests

    • EEG
    • EMG

    Respiratory Tests

    • PFT
    • Spirometry

    The Department of Cardiology is one of the leading departments of the hospital and one of the foremost in the country.

    Many leading cardiologist practice at Lilavati Hospital to ensure that the comprehensive care at par with international standards is given to patients of any cardiac problem.

    The team of Cardiologist, Cathlab and Non-invasive lab technicians have wide experience in the management of all the complex, cardiac problems. The latest techniques in the field of pacing and coronary angioplasties are being routinely performed at the hospital.

    • ECG
    • Stress test
    • Echo/ Doppler
    • Echo with Contrast
    • Transesophagial Echo
    • Dobutamine Echo with and without Echo
    • For Dysynchrony
    • 3D Echo
    • Exercise stress Echo
    • Saline Contrast stuffy
    • Holter Monitoring
    • 24 hrs. Hours Ambulatory BP Monitoring
    • Electro physiology Lab

    Most of these services are available in the portable form for the Inpatients.