Dr. Arunkumar Babulal Shah
Department of Nephrology


Dr. Shah has been associated with Lilavati Hospital for 17 Years. He has an overall experience of 32 years.

He has done about 120 transplants. He has been presented the best Physician Award on Doctors Day by IMA- BW (Branch) 2013.

Research Publications

  • Role of CAPD in Scleroderma – Iranian Journal of Nephro
  • Plasmapharesis in TTP & Recurrent Pancreatis –} Indian journal of Nephro
  • Use of Toramyxin in Gram -ve sepsis
  • Use of Caspofungin + Variconarole in Transplant patient – Indian Journal of Chest disease
  • FSGS + MGUS - Bayers Journal- Dallas
  • Original Articles- ONS in Dialysis pt- Journal of Physicians of India
  • Co- Author of Review Article guidelines of treatment of Diabetic anameia – Indian Journal of Endocrinology + Metabolism