Dr. Lohitaksha H. Suratkal
Department of Nephrology
MBBS, MD, DNB(Nephrology)


Associated With Lilavati Since 20 years

Total Years Of Experience In Nephrology: 34 years

Teaching Experience: 28 years


  • CAPD Training at Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK
  • Transplantation Training at Beth Israel and Deconess Hospital, Boston,USA

Area Of Interest

  • General Nephrology
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Renal Nutrition
  • Dialysis & Transplantation

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Paper Award at the 1st Conference of ISOT, Ahmedabad, 1988

  • ’The Effects Of Ketoacids Treatment for Metabolic Disturbances for CKD PTS. 5 year data from India’ ‘9TH International Ketoanaloguesymposium’ at Jakarta, 21ST & 22ND June 2013
  • ´Newer Erythropoeitin Stimulating Agents’, 6TH Annual Conf. On Nephrology And Hypertension under the auspices of the Caribbean Institute Of Nephrology, in collaboration with Univ. Of West Indies,Univ Of Michigan,Dept Of Nephrology Ann Arbor and The Int. Soc. Of Nephrology – Committee For Kidney Disease In Disadvantaged Populations , 30TH JAN 2014.
  • ‘The Role of Long Acting Esa Darbepoetin in the Current Management Of Anaemia ‘, 3RD International Society Of Haemodialysis, Haemodialysis University Meeting at Hyderabad, 1ST & 2nd Mar 2014
  • ‘Usefulness Of Ketoanalogues Of Aminoacids In Diabetic Nephropathy’ 11TH International Ketoanalogues Symposium At Manila 8TH April 2016

Research Publications

  • SURATKAL L.H., Almeida A, Acharya VN, (1988) Post- Transplant Diabetes in Indian Allograft Recipients, JAPI 36 : 201 –203
  • KRISHNA BA, NAYAK UN, SURATKAL LH, ET AL, (1988 Evaluation Of Renal Allograft Function By TC DTPA and TC Sulfur Colloid Scans. Proceedings of the INT. Symposium on applications of Dynamic Functiona Studies In Nuclear Medicine In Developing Countries, Vienna, 149 – 161
  • MEHTA HJ,SURATKAL LH, ET AL, (1990) Pattern of Renal Amyloidosis in Western India a Study of 104 Cases JAPI, 38 – 47
  • MEHTA S, SURATKAL LH, (SEPT. 2007) Ophthalmoscopy in the early diagnosis of Opportunistic Tuberculosi following Renal Transplant. INDIAN J OPHTHAL, 389 – 391.
  • MALLESHAPPA P, SURATKAL L H.(APRIL – JUNE 2010) Complete remission of Lambda Light Chain Myeloma presenting with acute renal failure following treatment with Bortezomib and Steroids. INDIAN J NEPHROL.20(2) : 94 - 96
  • MALLESHAPPA P, SURATKAL L.H. C1q Nephropathy presenting as Acute Renal Failure. Saudi Journal of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation.2011; 22(2) 324 -326
  • MALLESHAPPA P. SURATKAL L.H .(JULY 2010) Effective use of Continuous Arteriovenous Haemodialysis in critically Ill Human Immunodeficiency Virus – Positive Patient with Acute Kidney Failure. (Letter To Editor ) IRANIAN J KID DIS. 4 : 267 -268.
  • SURATKAL L.H., KHANDEKAR A.(JUNE 2012) The study of effect of Ketoanalogues in delaying progression of Chronic Renal Failure in patients with Diabetic Nephr -Pathy, Kidney Research And Clinical Practise;31(2)

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