Dr. Robin Pinto
Department of Cardiology
MD, DM (Card)


Dr. Pinto has been associated with Lilavati Hospital for close to a year. He has overall experience of 25 years.

He has dealt with more than 25,000 cases.

He has done an overseas training in Italy, Ospedale di Gaslini – 2000

Area Of Interest

  • Interventional cardiology including all pediatric interventions.

Awards and Recognition

  • National Council of Educational Research and Training (National Talent Search Unit) Scholarship, 1977.
  • National Scholarship Scheme, November 1978.
  • Ratanshaw Dadabhoy Scholarship, September 1983.
  • R. S. Poredi Gold Medal, 1983 (1st in Medicine, University of Bombay).
  • Doctor Keikushroo Sorabji Kanga Scholarship, 1983 (University of Bombay).
  • Doctor Govind Vishnu Juvekar Prize, 1983 (University of Bombay).
  • Doctor P. F. Soonawala Prize, 1983 (University of Bombay)
  • Shri Kund. Gordhandas Bhalja Prize, 1983 (University of Bombay)
  • Krihnaji Hari Datey & Doctor K.K. Datey Prize, 1983.
  • K. W. Dani Memorial Prize, 1983.
  • Mumbai Top Docs – 2013.

Research Publications

  • Loya YS, Pinto RJ, Desai DM, Bhagwat AR, Sharma S: Selective coronary angiography via antegrade venous route in congenital cyanotic heart disease. Cathet Cardiovasc Diagn 28; 179-182, 1993.
  • Sharma S, Loya YS, Desai DM, Pinto RJ: Percutaneous mitral valvotomy using Inoue and Double - balloon technique - Comparison of clinical and hemodynamic short - term data in 350 cases. Cathet Cardiovasc Diagn. 29; 18-23, 1993.
  • Sharma S, Loya YS, Desai DM, Pinto RJ: Balloon valvotomy for mitral restenosis after open or closed surgical commissurotomy. Int J Cardiol. 39; 103-108, 1993.
  • Pinto RJ, Loya YS, Desai DM, Sharma S: Simultaneous dilatation of mitral and tricuspid valve stenosis using a single Inoue balloon. Cathet Cardiovasc Diagn. 30; 355-357, 1993.
  • Dalvi BV, Pinto RJ, Vora IM, Munsi SC, Vengsarkar AS: Cardiac Amyloidosis - A case report. Indian Heart J. 41; 341-343,1989.
  • Shah LS, Gupta KG, Pinto RJ: Spectrum of tricuspid atresia - A study of 23 cases. Indian Heart J. 43; 109-111,1991.
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  • Sharma S, Loya YS, Desai DM, Pinto RJ: Percutaneous mitral valvotomy using Inoue balloon - Immediate and early hemodynamic results. Indian Heart J. 45; 169-172, 1993.
  • Singh P, Pinto RJ, Desai DM, Sharma S: Fascicular tachycardia - more unfamiliar than uncommon - a report of 2 cases. J Asso Phys India 41; 529-530, 1993.