Dr. B.A.Krishna
Department of Nuclear Medicine
M.B.B.S, D.R.M, M.N.A.M.S


Dr.Krishna has 38 yrs of experience in the field of Radiation Medicine. He has worked with Tata Memorial hospital for 13yrs and was Chief of Nuclear Medicine ar P.D.Hinduja Hospital and Head of Dept of Nuclear Medicine PET imaging at  Bombay Hospital Institue of Medical Sciences.

Dr.Krishna has treated close to 2500 thyroid cancer and is senior teaching faculty of International Atomic Energy Agency,Vienna.

He is Member of the Advisory Panel for setting up of NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE of Govt.of India ,member of the promotion committe of senior scientists of BARC and member of the review committte of TATA MEMORIAL hospital.

He holds following memberships:

  • Society of Nuclear Medicine,india
  • European Society of Nuclear Medicine
  • Society of Nuclear Medicine,USA.
  • Americal Society of Nuclear Cardiology
  • Nuclear Cardiology Society of India.
  • Indian Radiology & Imaging Association
  • Indian Society of Oncology
  • UICC
  • Academy of Molecular Imaging

Dr.Krishna is on review panel of the following journals:

  • JAPI
  • Indian Journal of Cancer
  • Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging
  • Indian Journal of Surgery


Area Of Interest

    Nuclear Medicine & PET Imaging

Awards and Recognition

  • "Thinking Minds of 21st Century"- award by American Biographical Insitute.
  • Awarded International distinguised leadership in teaching in 1992 by American Bibliograph Institute.
  • Home Bhabha Memorial Oration Award,2002.
  • Kinariwala Cancer Research Award,Gujrat Cancer Research Institute,Ahmedabad.
  • Kundu Memorial Cardiology Oration Award,Kolkata,1990.
  • Dayalu Memorial Oration Award,Bangalore,2003.
  • Dr.K.P Magalwede Memorial Orationa Award,2005.
  • Dr.S.K.Sharma oration at Kolkata,2010.