Dr. Mansi Amey Medhekar
Department of Gynaecology
M.B.B.S., M.S., D.N.B., F.I.C.O.G. Diploma in Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopy


Dr. Mansi Medhekar has experience of over 14 years and has successfully performed more than 1000 surgeries. She stood 3rd in the order of merit at the M.S. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) conducted by University of Mumbai and has won Dr. V.G. Kamat Memorial Award’ for standing 1st in M.S. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) at L.T.M.M.C. and Sion Hospital, Mumbai.

She has undergone overseas training at the following Institutes:

  • Clinical attachment at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Obstetric Hospital, University College London Hospitals for specialised training in High-Risk Obstetrics with extensive experience in the management of pregnant women having medical complications such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease, Liver disease etc and pregnancy related complications such as Early labour, Twin pregnancy, Placenta Previa, Bleeding in Pregnancy, Precious pregnancy etc
  • Diploma in Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopy at the Kiel School of Gynaecological Endoscopy and Reproductive Medicine, Kiel, Germany with proficiency in laparoscopic surgeries such as Hysterectomy, Myomectomy and other complicated fibroid surgeries, Ovarian cyst, Ectopic pregnancy, Endometriosis etc and Hysteroscopic surgeries for Fertility, Excessive bleeding, Polypectomy, Adhesiolysis etc

Area Of Interest

  • High Risk Obstetrics
  • Laparoscopic Gynaecological and Infertility related surgeries
  • Hysteroscopic Surgeries

Awards and Recognition

  • Wonder FOGSI award 2020 confered upon by Dr Nandita Palshetkar ,FOGSI President 2019-2020
  • Best paper in senior category on “Ormeloxifene- novel drug for management for scar endometriosis” at the FEMM conference November 2017.
  • 1st Prize in Poster Presentation at Advanced Infertility Management Conference held on 27th Nov 2011.
  • ‘Dr. Jayashree Jhaveri’ Prize for paper on Hysteroscopic management of Intrauterine pathologies in Infertile patient -- A Video Presentation, at the Central Asia Regional Conference 2010, organized by the Association of Medical Women in India at Mumbai.
  • ‘Mrs. Indumati Jhaveri Prize’ for the best paper presentation at the 49th All India  Obstetrics and Gynaecology Congress held in Kochi in January 2006.‘Dr. Pramila Bhatia Young Scientist Award’ for the study on ‘Postoperative wound morbidity in obese women: Emerging role of subcutaneous closed  drainage system’ for the year 2006 awarded by the MOGS.  ‘Dr. L.M.Shah prize’ on the subject of ‘Imaging in Obstetrics’ at 34th Annual Conference of the MOGS, March 2006.
  • Honors in Ophthalmology and ENT, University of Mumbai
  • Honors in Pharmacology, Pathology and Microbiology, University of Mumbai
  • ‘Kesarbai Kerkar Prize’ for the highest aggregate marks at the 1st M.B.B.S.examination among lady students sent from Seth G.S. Medical College Honors in Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Mumbai

Research Publications


  • Thesis during the M.S. (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) residency program on ‘Pregnancy outcome following conservative surgeries for Prolapse.’
  • A study on ‘Postoperative wound morbidity in obese women: Emerging role of subcutaneous closed drainage system’ submitted to the Mumbai Obstetric and Gynaecological Society.

  • Co-editor MOGS MEDIA on Preterm Labour 2020
  • Co-Editor MOGS MUSING and MOGS MATTERS 2020
  • Contributed two articles in the above
  • FOGSI FOCUS 2019 – AGEING GRACEFULLY – contributed Chapter on “Looking Beyond HRT – The Emerging Role of Isoflavones” co-author with Dr Sarita Bhalerao
  • FOGSI FOCUS 2017 – Fogsi focus on Infertility – Contributed Chapter on “ Evaluation of Female partner” Co-Author with Dr Parikshit Tank
  • Prediction of risk of preterm delivery by cervical assessment by transvaginal ultrasonography; Kore SJ, Parikh MP, Lakhotia S, Kulkarni V, Ambiye VR.; The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India; Vol.59, No.2, March-April 2009.
  • Attitudes, Knowledge, and Beliefs about contraceptive practices in women coming to tertiary hospital; Shailesh Kore, Alifiya Bapai, Mansi Parikh, Rohit Khot, Vijay Ambiye.; Bombay Hospital Journal; Vol.51, No.2;April 2009.
  • Uterine Artery Embolization for Fibroid Uterus : A case report; Shailesh Kore, M Deshpande, Mansi Parikh, Rohit Khot, Rooma Pathare, Vijay Ambiye, YS Nandanwar.; Bombay Hospital Journal; Vol 51, No.2; April 2009.
  • Interesting Case of Gastroschisis; Kore S.J., Lakhotia S., Bhagwat A., Kulkarni V., Parikh Mansi, Ambiye V.R.; The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India; Volume 57, Number 6; November-December 2007.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Disease: Impact of Metformin Therapy; ; Kore S.J., Lakhotia S., Parikh Mansi, Kulkarni V., Ambiye V.R.; Bombay Hospital Journal; Vol.49, No.2; April  2007.
  • Stepwise Uterine Devascularisation: An alternative to Hysterectomy in non-traumatic intractable Postpartum Haemorrhage; Kore S.J., Parikh Mansi, Lakhotia S., Bapai A., Kulkarni V., Ambiye V.R.; Bombay Hospital Journal; Vol.49, No.4; October 2007.
  • Stripping of Membranes – A safe method to reduce prolonged pregnancies; Kore S.J., Shah B., Kulkarni V., Poornima R., Parikh Mansi, Lakhotia S., Ambiye V.R.; Indian Medical Gazette; October 2005.