DOs & Don'ts


  • Do ask your patient's permission to visit before you arrive.
  • Do wash your hands and sanitize them before you touch the patient or hand the patient something you've been touching.
  • Do turn off your cell phone, or at least turn the ringer off.
  • Do leave the room if the doctor or provider arrives to examine or talk to the patient


  • Don't enter the hospital if you have any symptoms that could be contagious.
  • Don’t stay with the patient for a long time. Keep the visit short.
  • Don't bring outside food/fruits inside hospital for patients/patient's attendants. The hospital serves well balanced vegetarian meals.
  • Do not smoke; consume alcohol and non-vegetarian food in the hospital premises.
  • Don't bring flowers, bouquets for the patient.
  • Don't attempt photography or video shoot in the hospital premises.