ENT, Head & Neck Surgery

The ENT department manages the entire range of diseases in Ear Nose Throat as well as Head & Neck regions. The department is known for a vast cumulative experience of ENT and Head & Neck surgeries.We have all kinds of endoscopes required in nasal laryngeal as well as skull base pathologist. We use modern size microscopes which are available for surgical procedures.

The range of endoscope consists of flexible as well as rigid endoscope with facilities of video endoscopy. The department works in very close collaboration with various other department viz., Neurology, Oncology and Plastic Surgery.

All major ENT, Head and Neck surgeries are performed in the ENT including below:

  • Ear – Microscopic ear Surgeries, Stapedectomy with titanium implant reconstruction, Tympanplasty, Vertigo clinic
  • Nose – FESS, endoscopy skull base Surgery
  • Head & Neck Surgery including cancer and oncosurgery and thyroid surgery
  • Sleep and snoring related surgeries
  • Some advanced procedures are done include Cochlear Implants, Tonsilloadeniod Surgery with Coblator, Thyroidectomy with Harmonic Scalpel and Laser Surgeries
  • ENT department also includes fully equipped audiology and speech therapy department for patients with speech and heavy impairment. Various test carried out are
    • Audiometry
    • Impedance Audiometry
    • OAE (for new borne hearing assessment)
    • Healing and fitting
  • Hopkins Laryngoscope
  • Nose and ear endoscope
  • Flexible endoscope

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