Health Check Up

Prevention is better than Cure!

Today’s urban lifestyle leads to numerous health issues. It is always advisable to undergo a regular health check-up to avoid unpleasant surprises in life. Our health check-up program is designed to promote good health and facilitate early detection of health problems. Our goal is to encourage people to take steps toward a longer, healthier and happier life.

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Appointments are available for all days except Sunday & Public Holidays.

Health check up rates mentioned in the packages are effective from 01.04.2023

Appointment & Reporting Time

  • Health checks are done through prior appointment. Please report at the appointed time given to you at the reception counter of the Health Checkup Department on 2nd Floor.
  • We request you to kindly observe the appointment timings to facilitate the smooth flow of your Health Check. Patient reporting more than an hour late than his/her scheduled appointment time will not be taken.
  • Kindly inform us in case of cancellations or postponements atleast 24hrs in advance.

Fasting & Medication

  • You are advised to observe minimum 12hrs to maximum 13hrs of fasting and abstinence from alcohol. Hence it is recommended that you do not eat or drink anything after 8pm the previous night. You can only take few sips of water in the morning of the Health Check with your antihypertensive or any other essential drugs except anti-diabetic medication, which should be taken before/with breakfast as per your regular schedule.
  • Inhalers & Oral Bronchodilators for Asthma or Bronchitis should preferably be avoided on the day of the Check up for better Lung Function Test results.

What to bring?

  • Please bring your morning stool and urine samples along with you on the date of the Health Check. You can collect the container from the Health Check Department in advance as per your convenience.
  • In case you are under certain medication and/or are suffering from previous disease, you are advised to bring the previous Medical Records.

Radiological Tests

  • Ultrasonography of Pelvis involves Intra Vaginal Sonography, which is a detailed examination of the Pelvic organs. If you do not wish to undergo the same kindly inform the Health Check executives at the Health Check Reception.
  • Mammography is generally not recommended for women below the age of 40yrs, as they have dense breasts. 
  • CT Scan is not recommended for 40 years & below for radiation risk. CT Test requires dye to be injected via IV and it requires normal kidney function. It cannot be performed for patient with Valve Replacement & Pacemarker.
  • Sonomammography will be done only if advised by the Radiologist.
  • Sonography Pelvis for males below 40yrs will be done only if advised by the Radiologist.

Certain Radiological examination involves low dose radiation.


  • We can provide additional tests blood investigations/Procedure/Consultations subject to availability of appointment. These will be billed separately in addition to the package payment.
  • Please wear comfortable attire, footwear and minimum jewellery on the day of the Health Check.
  • For eye check up: Patients should be without contact lens atleast for 24 hrs.
  • The PAP Smear Test for females cannot be done during Menses (Periods).For further details, please contact our Health Check Reception.
  • Consultation for other Doctor’s is Rs. 2000/- & 30% discount on additional test for a week.

Corporate Client

  • Corporate sponsored clients are requested to bring their referral letter / credit note and employee ID.

In case we are unable to carry out any test/s or consultation because of unforeseen reason/s; the same test/s will be carried out on some other working day as per your convenience but within 10 days of the date of Health check OR proportionate amount will be refunded from the package.

Name of Test Screening Organ/ Body Part How the test is performed Purpose of the test
2D Echo Heart 2D Echo is ultrasound of the heart.
It provides information regarding the valves, walls of the heart and the pumping capacity of the heart (ejection fraction). Color doppler gives accurate information about congenital heart defects, leaking or choked valves.
Acid Phosphatase Liver and Prostate Through blood sample
Acid Phosphatase is an enzy me found throughout the body but primarily in the prostate gland.
Anti Hepatitis C Virus Liver Through blood sample
Anti Hepatitis C Virus helps detecting the presence of antibodies of the virus, indicating exposure to Hepatitis C Virus.
Anti CCP Joints Through blood sample
Is very useful test to order during the diagnostic evaluation of a person who may have rheumatoid arthritis.
Biochemical Screening for Osteoporosis Bones Through blood sample
Has four markers which are tested in blood and have a lot of utility in diagnosis and management of Osteoporosis.
Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) Bone Uses low dose radiation (X-ray)
BMD detects osteopenia and osteoporosis at an early and reversible stage.
C - Reactive Protein (High sensitivity) Heart Through blood sample
Predicts a healthy person's risk for heart disease / stroke.
Calcium Scoring Coronary Arteries of Heart Non invasive CT Scan
To understand probability of blockages of Coronary Arteries of Heart.
Cancer Markers CA-125 Antibodies to Cancer cells in the body Through blood sample
To detect Ovarian cancer in females
CT Coronary Angiography Coronary Arteries of Heart It is a non-invasive, CT angiography.
Preliminary test for evaluation of coronary artery diseases.
CT Stroke Imaging Brain It is the non-invasive, CT angiography.
For the evaluation of circulation of the blood in the arteries of the brain.
Ferritin Iron stores in body Through blood sample
The test is done to evaluate the severity of Iron deficiency and overload.
Folic Acid Cell Division Through blood sample
Folic acid is a part of an evaluation for anemia and neuropathy.
FSH Ovaries Through blood sample
The test is used to check damage or disease of testes or ovaries, pituitary gland or hypothalamus.
(Hb) Haemoglobin Electrophoresis Oxyen carrying protein (Haemoglobin) in blood Through blood sample
Detects abnormality of haemoglobin like Sickle cell anaemia, Thalassemia.
HBsAg Liver Through blood sample
Helps in detecting any infectiondueto Hepatitis B surface Antigen so that early diagnosis helps in early treatment.
HPV DNA testing Cervix and Vagina Through scrape cells from the cervix
To test for the presence of high risk human papillomavirus (hrHPV) in the cervical cells, that is associated with development of cervical cancer.
Lipid Profile (Heart) Abnormal lipid in blood Through blood sample
The purpose of lipid testing is to determine whether abnormally high or low concentration of specific macromolecular fat are present.
Liver Profile Liver Through blood sample
Liver function tests determine whether the liver has been damaged or its function impaired.
Lung Function Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) Spirometry Lungs Non invasive screening test for checking the status of the Lungs.
PFT checks the volume and capacity of the Lungs. It is very important in patients with Asthma, Bronchitis and also Chronic Smoker. Determines if lung has been damaged or its function is impaired.
Lipoproteins A Abnormal lipid in body Through blood sample
Lipoproteins are conjugated proteins in which one component is a lipid. They are principal means whereby lipids are transported in the body.
Apolipoprotein A1 Abnormal lipid in body Through blood sample
The protein promotes cholesterol efflux from tissues to the liver.
Apolipoprotein B Abnormal lipid in body Through blood sample
Apolipoprotein B is responsible for carrying cholesterol to tissues. High levels of Apo-B can lead to plaques that cause vascular disease leading to heart disease.
Magnesium Heart, Liver and Calcium metabolism of the body Through blood sample
The test reveals body's defense mechanism and calcium metabolism.
Mammography Breasts X-ray screening test for breasts
This is a screening test. It enables early detection of breast cancer. It also helps in detection of other breast lesions and masses. It is a 'must' yearly examination in women especially 40 years and above.
PAP Smear Cervix and Vagina Through scrape cells from the cervix.
To check for cervical cancer, vaginal cancer or abnormal changes in cells that could lead to cancer in females.
Prostate SP Antigen(Free & Total) Prostate Gland Through blood sample Abnormality of the prostate gland.
Renal Profile (Kidney) Kidneys Through blood sample  
Serum Electrophoresis- Protein Specific proteins in the blood Through blood sample
Sr. Protein electrophoresis is used to identify patients with multiple myeloma and other serum protein disorders.
Serum Homocysteine Cardiovascular System Through blood sample
Elevanted level of homocysteine in the bood may be associated with atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the arteries) as well as an increased risk of heart attacks,strokes,boold clotformation, and possibly Alzheimer's disease.
Serum Iron Body's ability to transport Iron Through blood sample
Serum Iron are ordered when there are signs of anaemia especially when Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are low or Iron overload present.
Sonography of Abdomen All abdominal organs like Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Kidney and Pancreas Ultrasound of the Abdomen
It includes examination of all the important abdominal organs like Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Kidneys and Pancreas. Hence it helps in excluding any abnormality and to pick up early disease in any of these abdominal organs.
Sonography Pelvis Pelvis Ultrasound of the Pelvis
In females it helps in examination of Urinary Bladder, Uterus and Ovaries. It helps in ruling out any abnormalities in these organs like fibroids or cysts. In males it is important for screening of any pathology related to the Urinary Bladder and Prostate.
Sono Mammography Breasts Ultrasound of the breasts
Combined with mammography it further helps in grading the breast masses & lesions and for differentiating benign from malignant masses. Ultrasonography of the breast is also helpfulin giving guidance for FNAC's and biopsies from breast.
Stress Test Heart
The test is a continuous ECG and BP monitoring done during exercise on a treadmill.
This test is useful for detection of Coronary Artery Disease and to evaluate functional capacity of the heart.
T3, T4, TSH Thyroid Through blood sample
Helps in early detection of Thyroid problems.
Vitamin B12 Whole body Through blood sample
Deficiency or excess of the vitamin can be corrected effectively
Vitamin D3 Bones Through blood sample Deficiency or excess of the vitamin can be corrected effectively