List of Tender
Sr. No. Tendor Code Tender Description Type of Tender Tender Date End Date Last Date & Time of Submission Tender Opening Date & Time
1 T00168 TechnicalSpecificationsCryobiopsy Unit 1. The unit should be modern CRYO surgical unit with advanced features. 2. The unit should have LCD display with plug and play socket. 3. The unit should be compatible with CO2 gas. 4. The unit should identity the instrument and set the parameters automatically. 5. The unit should have different effect settings with which we can create two differentfreezing effects for different pulmonology/ Bronchoscope application like CRYOBiopsy, CRYO De-canalizations, Tumour Debulking, Devitalisation 7) The unit should have the following facilities: A) Count down, countuptimers with and without alarms. B) Display the number of usages ofCRYO probes. C) Digital display ofavailable gas pressure ofthe CO2 Cylinder D) Washable one pedal Foot Switches with IPX8 rating with cable E) Customizable programs up to 9 programs F) Two gas cylinders G) Cart which can carry cylinder H) Gas hose to conduct gas from cylinder to unit I)Disposable CRYO flexible probe Diameter I .7mm. L 1150mm J) Cas Bottle adapter E 8) Should be CDSCO, US FDA, CE approved. 9) List of consumables with price. One Time 20th July 2024 25th July 2024 26th July 2024 03:00 PM 27th July 2024 03:00 PM Apply for Tender
2 T00167 HemoSphere Advanced Hemodynamic Monitor Specifications  It should have a touch screen with an active area of 12.1 inches.  It should be able to provide Continuous Cardiac Output through a dedicated arterial sensor only when connected with a dedicated cable available separately.  It should be able to give Continuous Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume (SV), Stroke Volume Index (SVI), Stroke Volume Variation, and Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR) and Systemic Vascular Resistance Index (SVRI) when used with appropriate arterial line sensor.  The monitor should be equipped with predictive technology to provide Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) through a dedicated disposable Arterial line sensor.  The monitor should also be equipped with a secondary screen to Provides clinicians with insights into potential factors for high hypotension probability indicator.  The monitor must display additional parameter of systolic slope / left ventricle contractility / dp/dt and Dynamic arterial elastance/ Eadyn when using a dedicated disposable Arterial line sensor.  It should provide Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO), Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation (SvO2), Continuous Right Ventricular Ejection Fraction (RVEF), Continuous Right Ventricular End Diastolic Volume & Right Ventricular End Diastolic Volume Index (RVEDV & RVEDVI), Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR, SVRI) & Pulmonary Vascular Resistance (PVR) when used with appropriate Swan Ganz Combo V Catheter.  It should have the option to upgrade for providing intravascular oximetry parameter i.e Central Venous Oximetry updated every 2 secs when used with dedicated disposable central venous catheter in pediatric patients.  It should provide Cerebral/Tissue Oximetry parameter (StO2) using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) technology with at least 5 different wavelengths and light penetration depth of at least 2.5 cm.  It should have an option to upgrade for 2 Tissue Oximetry modules with the capacity to use up to 4 noninvasive Tissue Oximetry sensors at any point of time.  It should have option to upgrade for dedicated Tissue oximetry screen providing for the usage of sensors on different parts of the body such forehead, arms, legs shoulders etc. when used with dedicated sensor.  It should have the option to be scalable to Non-invasive Cardiac Output technology in the future.  It should have option to be equipped with 3 expansion modules & 2 cable receptacles.  It should have the option of connectivity with hospital information system.  It must save data for at least 72 hours.  Must have screen shot and data download facility through any USB stick.  It should have an HDMI, USB & ETHERENET port for various connectivity.  It should have display capacity of at least 4 trend lines and 4 numerical display, optional physiology and physio-relationship screen.  It should have the option of providing dedicated perioperative goal-directed therapy (PGDT) screens and analytics.  It should have option of wired & wireless communication. One Time 20th July 2024 25th July 2024 26th July 2024 11:00 AM 27th July 2024 12:00 PM Apply for Tender