List of Tender
Sr. No. Tendor Code Tender Description Type of Tender Tender Date End Date Last Date & Time of Submission Tender Opening Date & Time
1 T00147 Technical Specification for Advance Phacoemulsification System 1)Fully programmable, multi processor control system 2)Flat screen, coloured display with touch screen and rotatable 3)Voice feedback for function selection 4)Should have the ability to control via footswitch and front panel 5)Should have mapable and programmable footswitch, preferably wireless 6)Memory of 10 users’ settings a)Ultrasound 1) Should have the ability to drive high performance four to six crystal hand piece: 25-40 kHz, piezoelectric, slim and lightweight and autoclavable 2) Should have additional feature of delivery of ultrasonic energy like torsional/transeversal/ellipsoidal etc. in addition to linear (OPTIONAL) 3) Equipped with option of 1.8 mm, 2.2 mm, 2.8 mm size of phaco tip 4) The ultrasound and hand piece should be compatible with tips like standard 30 degrees and 45 degrees, micro tip and flared aspiration bypass tips 5) Facility of ultrasound power control in various sub modes like continuous, pulsed, burst and bi-modal application 6) Should have preferably peristaltic system/ venturi or both and the facility to use vacuum level up to 650 mm-Hg 7) Should have ability to regulate irrigating pressure by height of I/V pole preferably motorized and continuous irrigation controlled by foot pedal and on touch panel 8) Aspiration hand piece should have both co-axial and bimanual attachments 9) Phaco tips should be 30 degrees, 45 degrees and angle tip 10) Should have the ability to control via footswitch, remote control(OPTIONAL) and front panel 11) Should have cassette system b) Vitrectomy 1) Should have an ability to drive electric/pneumatic cutter for anterior vitrectomy with cut rates of minimum 2000 OR more cuts per minutes with sub modes cut I/A, I/A cut with panel or linear cut control by foot pedal 2) Vitrectromy cutter size 23 ga and 25 ga c) Diathermy 1) Bipolar coagulation capability, panel or linear power control by foot pedal and panel 2) Reusable diathermy forceps/autoclavable bipolar cable Data storage and transfer a)storage capabilities via USB for DATA transfer or DATA portability Accessories required 1. Phaco hand pieces-2 2. Phaco tips - 20 3. Phaco sleeve-20 4. Handpiece test chamber - 05 5. Phaco cassettes/ Tubing sets -100 6. I/A Handpiece – 4 ( Biomanual-2, Coaxial-2 ) 7. Vitrectomy cutter ( 23 ga – 5 Nos, 25 ga- 5 Nos) 8. Diathermy forceps and cable – 2 each 9. FDA/European CE approved One Time 27th September 2023 3rd October 2023 4th October 2023 03:00 PM 5th October 2023 11:00 AM Apply for Tender
2 T00145 SPECIFICATION FOR SURGICAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE FOR OPHTHALMOLOGY 1. For both anterior segment and posterior segment surgery 2. Compact microscope body with high quality & complete apochromatic Optics 1:6 zoom ratio. Magnification factor 0.4X to 2.4X. Focusing range 50mm or more, Objective lens f= 200mm, 60mm diameter or more. 3. Binocular tube: Tiltable tube with integrated image inverter without any external attachment. (optional) 4. Eyepices: 10X with +8D to-5 D compensator. ILLUMINATION : 5. Stereo Coaxial Illumination system for unique detail recognition, high contrast & stability of Red reflex even with strongly pigmented decentered and ametropic eye. 6. Retina Protection Device and contrast enhancement aperture. 7. Integrated 400nm OR more UV barrier filter/ Blue blocking filter. X Y COUPLING: 8. Motorized foot controlled X-Y coupling with automatic re-centering and X-Y inversion facility. X-Y Range should be at least 60mm x 60mm OR equivalent adjustable range. SUSPENSION SYSTEM: 9. wireless foot control with cable for emergency use. 10. High quality programmable floor stands with spring balance suspension arm with effective length with good load bearing capacity. 12. Fiber light guide,Halogen/LED illumination system WIDE ANGLED VIEWING SYSTEM: 13. Wide angled Non Contact observation/ viewing system (autoclave able) with field of viewing 120deg.(minimum). 14.External beam splitter 80/20 OR equivalent along with C –mount. 15. 1ch HD camera system with recording. 16. European CE/ US FDA certification. One Time 21st September 2023 28th September 2023 29th September 2023 03:00 PM 30th September 2023 11:00 AM Apply for Tender