List of Tender
Sr. No. Tendor Code Tender Description Type of Tender Tender Date End Date Last Date & Time of Submission Tender Opening Date & Time
1 T00121 Sr. Description Qty. 1 CAMC OF UPS & INVERTOR SYSTEMS 10 KVA 13 NOS. 7.5 KVA 01 NO. 15 KVA 02 NO. 3 KVA 01 NO. 6 KVA 10 NOS. 5 KVA 01 NO. 20 KVA 01 NOS. INVERTER 14 NOS. TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR MAINTENANCE OF UPS & INVERORS Sr.No. TERMS & CONDITIONS 1 Contract period will be from 1st MAY 2023 - 31st March 2025 2 During this contract period your Service Engineer will visit once in a three months (quarterly) for Preventive maintenance of UPS. 3 Your CAMC (PM) Visit and breakdown visit should not mix, both should be separate and separate report should be submitted. 4 History cards for each UPS to be maintained and the Engineer on duty to be informed before and after service 5 UPS, Those are not available on week days, shall be serviced on Sunday or the time slots suitable to Lilavati Hospital without extra cost. 6 During CAMC complete UPS should be serviced, Batteries should be put on load and UPS should be checked for Bypass and battery mode. Every 6 months all batteries should be checked for voltage. 7 Breakdown call should be attended within 24 Hrs if not 10% of CAMC value of that UPS per day will be deducted from your next invoice. 8 Breakdown should be attended immediately with 1-2 hours on working days and for other days 2-4 hrs. on receipt of information without any extra cost. 9 If UPS is under breakdown, Stand by UPS of same KVA should be provided by you without any extra charge. 10 Spares to be replaced with proper concurrence of Engineering Dept. without any cost If some spares are not available the equivalent and compatible spares should be fixed. 11 If we find your service is not satisfactory, the contract will be terminated. 12 No UPS or Invertor should be kept without repairs. If kept without repairs the CAMC amount for that UPS will be deducted from your Bill. 13 Payment will be made on half yearly basis against submission of invoice alongwith approved Service Reports. Note :- Stand by UPS cannot be taken back until the UPS which is taken for repair is returned back in repaired condition. The present status of UPS either working / non-working is to be incorporated in the AMC. The vender has to get repaired the nonfunctioning machine in the AMC Cost. AMC/CMC/Hire 27th March 2023 3rd April 2023 27th March 2023 05:00 PM 28th March 2023 11:00 AM Apply for Tender