The Department of Orthopaedics at Lilavati Hospital provides expert treatment for all aspects of musculoskeletal ailments through inpatient and day-care surgical care, rehabilitation and orthotics and prosthetics. We have a team of qualified consultants and experience to deal with a broad range of orthopaedic sub-specialties. With an excellent back-up of radiology, pathology, intensive care and rehabilitation departments, the Department of Orthopaedics draws variety of complex cases particularly all types of Joint replacements and Spinal surgeries (i.e. primary, complex and revisions) in large numbers not only from the city of Mumbai but also from various parts of the country as well as neighbouring countries.

  • Trauma
    We have a dedicated team of doctors available round the clock to attend to all aspects of trauma including polytrauma, compound fractures and complex injuries besides treating simple ones.
  • Joint Replacements
    Our team of dedicated joint replacement surgeons routinely perform computer hangated arthroplasties in a large number of routine, complex, complicated and revision situations successfully. A large number of knee and hip replacements thus are routinely carried out including primary, revision and complex using computer navigation system.
  • Arthroscopy
    Our renowned arthroscopy surgeons routinely perform a large number of knee and shoulder arthroscopies; both diagnostic as well as therapeutic which includes complex reconstructions and repairs.
  • Paediatric Orthopaedics
    We provide comprehensive care for complex paediatric orthopaedic problems like clubfeet, hip disorders, deformity correction, developmental disorders, congenital anomalies of the musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular disorders.
  • Hand Surgery
    The whole gamut of hand problems are treated with umex fixators, tendon transfers, flap covers, reimplantation surgeries by a collaboration with Orthopaedic as well as plastic hand surgeons in order to ensure the best results for the patients. An active and integrated participation of radiology, pathology, intensive care and rehabilitation departments ensures that the patients get the best care with maximum results.
  • Sports Medicine
    This is the department orthopedic surgery which incorporates the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries. It Includes Arthroscopic procedures on the knee, shoulder, hip including the recent reconstructive procedures. In addition to that the physiotherapy department is a key component of the rehabilitation of these injuries.

The orthopaedic department is equipped with the most advanced infrastructure to handle all kinds of simple to complex orthopaedic conditions. Lilavati hospital has an in-patient and out-patient service department dealing with all sorts of musculoskeletal conditions and with extremely high standards of postoperative care.

It has a team of highly experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons and spine specialists carrying out extensive surgeries.

The surgical infrastructure of the Hospital includes 6 dedicated operative suites with state of the art facility and laminar air flow system, which includes 2 dedicated operation theatres exclusively for joint replacement with full body exhaust suits to keep the incidence of infection much below global standards.

The operation theatres are fully equipped with the latest equipments including the Navigation System for joint replacements and spinal surgeries, the image intensifier,and operating microscope.

Click on this link and listen to our expert Dr. Rajesh Maniar, a Joint Replacement Surgeon where he is explaining about Robotic Knee Surgery.

Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre introduces comprehensive Foot and Ankle services

Foot and Ankle problems are often either neglected or not correctly diagnosed and hence not correctly treated. Foot and ankle is a complex organ which needs in depth understanding of its mechanics and function to achieve optimum results.

Most foot and ankle pathologies once correctly diagnosed can be easily treated with exercises (physiotherapy), correction of footwear (insoles – orthotic), local injections and very few times surgery.

  • Detailed Examination
    • Walking/Running pattern
    • Callosity (Hard Skins)/Ulcers
    • Diabetic Foot
  • Arthroscopic (Key Hole) Surgery
    • Ankle Pathology
    • Heel
    • Foot
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery
    • Achilles tendon rupture
    • Haglund’s syndrome

    *Arthroscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery enables early return to work/sports

  • Foot deformity correction
    • Flat foot correction
    • Cavus (High arch) foot correction
  • Footwear Correction

    Specialized footwear consultation by individually customized insoles or specific footwear suggestion for foot biomechanics correction

  • Fracture fixation of Foot & Ankle

    Fractures of small bones of feet are complex and need special expertise to enable early return to work.

  • Fore Foot (Toe) correction
    • Bunion
    • Toe deformity correction (claw, hammer, mallet or crooked toes)
    • Hallux Valgus
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