The Research Centre(RC) of Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust Research Centre was formed in this spirit of "More than Healthcare,Human Care" and continues to exercise this mandate.The RC has carried out several projects in the past and continues to do so. LKMMT-RC now envisions carrying out projects that will improve hospital practice., enable or participate in the activities that help to provide Indian data, establish and maintain registries for diseases and to define/update standard of care which is Evidence Based.

The RC conducts its activities under supervision & guidance of Research Advisoy Commitee(RAC) and Institutional Ethics Commitee (IEC). These are formed as prescribed by ICMR Guidelines (2006). These are approved by the Ministry of H&FW (Govt. of India). RC is accountable to the Board of Trustees through the Chief Operations Officer. Its function is audited by NABH.

During 1998, LKMMT-RC was recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, (DST) (Govt. of India) as a Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO). Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre (LHRC) is also recognized for post graduate studies by the National Board of Examinations. Research projects are undertaken at LHRC by eminent consultants of this hospital and post graduate students registered with NBE

Research Participants Rights & Responsibilities

Rights of Research Participants

1. Right to information about Research study in an understandable language.

2. Right to informed consent before participation in any research study.

3. Right to information on the expected cost of treatment, duration, alternative treatment available traveling or any other compensation provided for participation.
4. Right to personal dignity, privacy and confidentiality.
5. Right to get the information on plan of care.
6. Right to uniform care for all classes of patients.
7. Right to information on how to voice a complaint against any violation in rights and integrity (e.g. Ethics committee contact details).
8. Right to get 24 hours emergency contact details of Research doctor.
9. Right to refusal of participation or withdrawal of participation any point of study without disclosing any reason.
10. Rights to get information on medical management of any injury and compensation in case of any study related injury or death.
11. Right to confidentiality of patient information/details recorded in the hospital.
12. Right to access clinical records.
Responsibilities of Research Participants
1. Provide complete and accurate information about
  • Your health including present and past illness, hospitalization, medication and allergies and surgeries.
  • Full name, address and other information.
  • Medical Insurance.
2. To follow the prescribed treatment plan, schedule and instructions given by doctors carefully.
3. To ask question when he/she does not understand what the Doctors or other healthcare team members tells about diagnosis or treatment.
4. Not to take any medications without the knowledge of Doctor and healthcare professional.
5. To accept the measures taken by the Hospital to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
6. To inform your study doctor immediately in case of any injury or development of any new medical conditions.
7. Treat hospital staff, other patients and other visitors with courtesy.