Social Initiatives

SEWA the social service department of Lilavati hospital serves the health needs of all the needy people irrespective of their class,caste,religion or social background. This department seeks to bridge the gap between the needy patients and the fast evolving medical technology. Various social activities such as free OPD, services to senior citizen, sending mobile vans to Adivasi areas ,free health check-up camps are undertaken as an on-going process.Deserving patients are referred to us and many have received free medical and surgical services including high end procedures like CABG,Valve replacement,Cancer treatment, Orthopedic surgery etc.

Children are the future of the nation. They are the next scientists, doctors, engineers, pilots and hence it is essential to ensure they are healthy in their crucial growing years. Through SEWA, we have taken the initiative to help poor & underprivileged children receive free health check-ups, admission and surgeries. Around 50 children have been admitted under this initiative for various surgeries such as kidney, orthopaedic & cancer.

An Initiative by Doctors of Lilavati Hospital


In continuation to our initiative the event held on 5th Feb, 2014 highlighted Lilavati Hospital’s efforts and achievements so far and the plans for the future. In this event the doctors and management of Lilavati Hospital took pledge to conduct free health checkup camps for 50,000 girl children in the year 2014.

In 2014, on World International Girl’s day we screened 754 girl children at Lonavala for a Municipal school. The screening included Nutritional Anaemia, Rickets, Menorrhagia, Refractile errors, Dental caries etc.


Doctors of Lilavati hospital feel that they need to play in protecting Girl Child from deliberate harm to ensuring her well-being, from conception to adulthood. They may as concept formers and advice givers play a major role in correcting the distorted views that parts of society have formed, and are passing on to their future generations.

On 11th April 2012, through a mega event at J W Marriot, Mumbai; Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre (LHRC) launched its most ambitious campaign – “Save and Empower the Girl Child.” Lilavati hospital’s doctors have taken this initiative. The event was organized by LHRC and coordinated by Ms. Poonam Dhillon. Leading bollywood fashion designer Mr. Manish Malhotra paid tribute to the cause with his spectacular fashion show. Dignitaries from the various fields came in to support the noble cause and grace the occasion.

Leading Gynaecologist & IVF Expert, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. The core organizing committee consisted of leading Gynecologists - Dr. Kiran Coelho as Convener, Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, Dr. Rishma Pai and Dr. Deepak Ugra.

Chief Guest of the evening Kajol said,’her father never for a moment regretted the fact that he did not have a son’. The actress further said’children are God’s gift and no one has right to harm a little child or take anyone’s life’,she then urged’I think the country needs to stand up and take notice about saving the girl child.In today’s time people should not think that women are less that men.I don’t think it is like that today.Basically, it is wrong and illiterate attitude’,she then concluded ‘it is very important and essential to join ‘SAVE AND EMPOWER THE GILR CHILD’ initiative.It is a nice cause and I am happy to be here to support it’.

Leading Tennis Player Leander Paes said,’the best thing we can do to our children is to let live their dreams like my parents did for me’ he further waxed eloquent about the role of a woman in a man’s life be it mother, sister or daughter.He then praised significant roles played by his wife Rhea and his lovely daughter in his life’s success.

Designer Manish Malhotra said,’A baby girl is one of the most beautiful miracles in one’s life.This is an opportunity to reach out to people at large.So I am not just dressing celebrities and models but respected doctors and politicians too,the show is about real people. Everyone has come forward with a genuine desire to support and create awareness towards the cause. When it comes to women power,I am all for it’.

Event show stopper,Sushmita Sen said,’I am happy that Lilavati Hospital is doing this.They are doing this initiative for saving the girl child,which is a powerful thing.’God bless Lilavati Hospital’. I am happy that so many people are here to support, and I am blessed to be here, she further said,’there are very strong laws and acts in our country but they have not been implemented in the right way.Either the case dosent start early or if it starts,iy gets delayed.We all are examples of the fact that givena change we prove ourselves. Its a matter of having that faith’.

Children’s Orthopedic Camp

10th free Orthopaedic camp was organized in November, 2009.This was the 4th consecutive camp organised at Lilavati Hospital.

During this camp 440 patients were registered, out of these 440;116 were operated (56 Botox +54 Surgery +6 Plasters).Other beneficiaries were 324 (Investigations, Physiotherapy, etc.)

Chief Guest Shri Amitabh Bachchan said that ’I consider this a somewhat unique occasion to be invited for an occasion which I believe is truly laudable. A charitable occasion where eminent doctors of this country, who have always cared for this society gathered together to organise this function for under privileged children. Children are our future and we need to look after them and how wonderful it is to do something for those that cannot afford the luxury f good hospital s or afford the kind of money that is involved for treatment.

Health checkup camps

Petit School Camp, 2012

Bandra Police Camp, 2011

Dharavi Camp, 2010

Senior Citizen Camp, 2010